Car crashes into barber shop

Update: 12/10/16, 10:15 p.m., Saturday

It's not every day you see an accident in which the car is probably worth ten times more than the damage it caused.

A new Ferrari was totaled after it crashed into the side of an SUV, and then into the side of a Champaign business.

It happened at Andy's Barbershop in the 2000 block of Neil Street. Both drivers were traveling north.

The two drivers and the passenger in the Ferrari are okay.

Despite the wreckage, the accident won't set the barbershop back too much.

"I was in the middle of giving a guy a haircut," said Jason Burris.

He's used to the sounds of scissors snipping and sinks running.

Then something different caught his ear, Turning his and Jake Wetzel's heads.

"We heard a lot of screeching and loud noises coming from Neil Street," said Wetzel.

"Before you knew what had happened, that car had spun around, hit this wall, and was laying out there like it was until the tow truck came and got it," said Burris.

Owning one of these cars is a common dream, but getting in this accident was likely the driver's worst nightmare.

But, it could've been a lot worse.

"Just happy we didn't get hurt. You know, we had no customers hurt. There's a lot of traffic on this sidewalk," said Burris

"We were initially worried about the drivers. So we looked initially to see if they were okay, and it seems they were able to walk away with very few injuries," said Wetzel.

Champaign police confirmed that the only thing the Ferrari driver walked away with was a couple of citations.

As for Andy's barbershop, the cleanup process started right away.

Bits of brick were thrown into piles.

Shards of broken glass were swept out of the walkway.

Plans to continue business operations were made, after an experience everyone who saw it will likely never forget.

"It was odd. It was something we've fortunately never experienced before in here. Hopefully never again," said Burris.

No word on the damage estimate for the barbershop.

Original: 12/10/16, 8:02 p.m., Saturday

CHAMPAIGN - A business owner is trying to clean up after a car crashed into his barber shop on Saturday afternoon.

It happened around noon in the 2000 block of South Neil Street. Police say a Ferrari and an SUV were both traveling north on Neil, when the Ferrari swerved and hit the SUV. The Ferrari continued traveling and ran into the front of Andy's Barber Shop.

Police say the two people in the Ferrari are okay - and so is the driver of the SUV. No one inside the barber shop was hurt.

Police say neither driver was under the influence. The driver of the Ferrari was issued two citations; one for reckless driving and the other for improper lane usage.

People who work at the barber shop say they've worried about this sort of thing happening before.

"It's always been a worry of ours at Andy's Barbershop, being so close to Neil Street that someday a car might come through the front of the shop. We've actually been more concerned about the train behind the shop. But things like this happen every day," says barber Jake Wetzel.

The barber shop is closed for now, but won't be closed long. They'll open again on Monday, inside of Green Mobile, which is right next door until the barber shop is ready to re-open.

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