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How an expenses affect your finances and the possibility of a free investment loan

Many people

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Do not know how to run their economy in a healthy way, so they end up wasting a large part of their income on unnecessary things, which in the end passes the bill because, or they forget something important to pay, or, they fall short to meet the obligations of the following month. This is something that not only affects day-to-day life but also removes the possibility of accessing other financial services, such as a free investment loan, since the necessary capital will not be available to be able to pay it.

For this reason it is more than fundamental that you can identify where you are investing money and thus improve your personal finances. To begin, let’s talk about what are the ant expenses and which are the most frequent, in order to begin to recognize them and therefore change their consumption habits.

The ant expenses refer to small purchases or the use of a small amount of money to acquire a resource, for example, those that approach the candy machine or confectionery of the company to leave a thousand or two thousand pesos for each visit, so as those who make small recharges to the cell of the same amounts.

These micro expenses are the ones that actually turn your financial life into a heavy burden, because as the popular saying goes “from penny to penny, the sack is filling” and when he realizes all the money he had he has no more not even the fourth part, because precisely because of their “minimal” nature they go completely unnoticed.

But what really happens with that money? It is estimated that Colombians spend at least 40% of their income on items or products that are not essential, mostly related to small purchases such as those that can be made in a store when ordering a drink, cigarettes, etc. By letting this happen and become a routine, that income cannot be used for important things such as the payment of a free investment loan, leisure and recreation activities, or more importantly, saving, something essential for excellent health. financial

So what are the most frequent ant expenses? In addition to those already mentioned above that can commit around more than 5 million pesos a year, there are also those that correspond to exclusive mobility expenses such as the public taxi service or Uber that would represent a value close to $ 300 thousand a year and the expenses that are denominated as invisible, related to the payments of quotas of handling of the credit or debit cards, collection of interests, commission of the financial entity.

Among others

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If you made the sum of these invisible expenses you would realize that what you have to pay in this type of liabilities is excessive, so you will think twice before using these resources in the way you have done so far and start using virtual branches and defer your purchases to less installments so that the money does not go into monthly interest.

In this order of ideas, how can you prevent ant expenses from affecting your financial life and thus obtain the possibility of paying a free investment loan? The best thing you can do is to take the initiative to save, because the “ant” is fought by the “marranito”. Get a piggy bank where you can start saving the coins that you have left during the day, some prefer to save only those of $ 500 or those of $ 1000, but in reality they are all good savings.

Having a budget is also the best option to avoid these unnecessary expenses, so be sure which ones are essential and which you can cut back or wait for another time where your finances are more stable. This will not only improve your economic life, but will completely change your consumption habits. There are free mobile applications that can help you do this task.

Something much simpler

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If you are one of those who continually use the cell phone and have it in a prepaid plan, it is best to switch to a postpaid that suits your needs and that has a unique value every month to avoid over-spending on this type of services. Try as much as possible to eliminate or significantly reduce the consumption of junk foods, cigarettes and coffee, and so you will see that not only your economy improves but your body will also appreciate it.

With this we do not say that it is bad to have a taste from time to time, only when these tastes exceed the monthly obligations, it is when the problems arise, because the money that should be invested in basic needs or even in savings is sacrificed. Knowing the budget we have, that is our assets and liabilities, it is much easier to know how much we can actually spend on these tastes.

Now that you know that financial planning and changing your consumption habits can help you save more than 5 million a year, think about what you can do with this sum of money, maybe a family trip, buying some furniture for your home, investment in education, etc. This information will be very useful for you, so from Till Eulenspiegel, we want you to better organize your personal economy and use free investment loans in a better way, without wasting them on things that are not really necessary.