Instant loan – quick credit check

Instant loan – quick credit check

Credit even with negative private credit

Credit even with negative private credit

The protection community for general credit protection mostly short private credit is a credit reference agency founded by the lending companies. In the case of loans without a private credit request, it is often rightly assumed by the borrower that a loan is rejected by a “normal” bank because of negative entries. With a debt to the frill this is certainly the case. If many times unsuccessfully seized and even an affidavit (revelation) was done, a reasonably priced credit is far away.

If it is not yet time, with rather small sins and negligence, a well-founded loan application can be quite successful.

Real private credit financing is usually offered on the private side via intermediaries and is usually more expensive than a bank loan. Unfortunately sometimes very expensive and not always serious. Even with these instant loans, many banks inquire about the history of their customers, because no one gives blue-eyed money.

The lending at private credit registration.

The lending at private credit registration.

It is differentiated in a loan between “bad private credit”, meaning several negative entries. It will be difficult with the credit. “An open negative private credit” would not be a very significant entry . A loan is possible. “Completed private credit” means there is a negative reservation, but the debt has been settled. A loan is also possible with a “regular” bank.

“Negative private credit with property ownership” with existing employment there is certainly no problem for a loan. After the income and value of the real estate the possible loan amount is determined. As a matter of principle, a requesting loan is given to persons who have an existing dependent long-term employment relationship (at least 12 months) with sufficient salary or salary above the exemption threshold. The income or remuneration may not be assigned to creditors and may not be seized.

Without an employment relationship or sufficient regular income, a loan will only be issued against collateral , attachable assets or guarantors. The guarantor must be solvent and “creditworthy” for the bank. However, there is usually only one bank behind a rich supply of lenders and intermediaries.

There are also portals on the Internet where individuals can lend money to each other , but generally this should be the very last resort.

Caution is appropriate.

If a payment in advance or always new documents are required, then extreme caution is required . Not all credit intermediaries are serious. If a lender already demands expenses in advance, without a secure written loan commitment, such an offer must be forgotten. Reputable lenders collect their expenses upon receipt of the loan amount.

As a rule, 3 500 or 5 000 euros are awarded, each of which should be matched by income of 1 130 and 1 600 euros respectively. The interest rate for 40 monthly installments is 11.62 percent.

If the loan is made with the help of an intermediary, in addition to the bank interest, three percent of the loan amount will be due as a one-time payment.

A special form of an instant loan without private credit would be the lending (pledging) of valuables jewelry, cars, etc. sometimes not expensive as a personal loan and very fast.

The non-private crediter instant loan – also called Swiss credit or even credit without private credit query – suggests consumers a particularly unbureaucratic credit . Here are the conditions that are usually associated with a conventional loan, relaxed. For example, no credit check is carried out on request. Borrowers only need proof of permanent employment of at least three months (payroll), a permanent residence in Germany and a valid identity card.

But even with a private creditfreien credit, the credit conditions of the various providers differ enormously among themselves. A comparison on specialized credit platforms and the observance of some precautionary measures when applying for a loan without private credit can help to find a cheap loan without private credit on attractive terms.

Instant loan despite negative private credit information

One of the essential features of a private creditfreien instant loan is – as the name already suggests – the waiver of the respective bank or the credit provider to obtain the private credit information. Cope. Not infrequently, loan applications are rejected because of incorrect or outdated private credit entries . Accordingly, there is no entry in the private credit register for a loan commitment.

However, anyone looking for a loan without private credit information will not find it in their house bank or a direct bank. As a rule, such loans are granted through a credit intermediary, which in turn can be an online direct bank headquartered in Switzerland. For this reason one calls the private creditfreien loans also as “Swiss credits”.

As a rule, Swiss loans are not use-dependent. You can apply for a main residence in Germany for every person who pursues a regular activity and is of legal age.

Anyone who believes, however, that in a instant loan without private credit information no credit check is performed is wrong. Because this decides on the possible loan conditions: the lower the default risk for the bank, the cheaper the credit terms for the borrower.

Some of the possible risk factors for the bank, which can also lead to a negative private credit entry include:

  • an improperly erased loan
  • above average number of credit cards
  • court orders
  • enforcement orders
  • possible arrest warrants and / or orders due to unpaid liabilities
  • Declaration of an oath
  • requested or existing personal bankruptcy
  • reminded and canceled loans

All of these features are associated with poor creditworthiness of the credit applicant. Among the most vulnerable groups of people are:

  • unemployed person
  • former entrepreneurs who have recently been looking for work again or have started a self-employed activity
  • Workers with financial difficulties and an existing private credit entry

Sofortkredit private creditfrei – These requirements must be met:

  • majority
  • undeclared and permanent employment
  • permanent residence in Germany

Although a non-lending instant loan is a special loan, a few conditions must be met for the loan to be approved. On the one hand, it is the already mentioned regular and permanent work activity, on the other hand, of course, the amount of income must not fall below the statutory levy exemption limit . Otherwise, the bank will not be able to access the borrower’s income in the event of default and / or default. Thus the income would be useless as security.

private creditfreies loans – reputable providers of “sharp sheep” differ

private creditfreies loans - reputable providers of "sharp sheep" differ

Both the demand and the supply of free instant lending on the market are huge. Accordingly, the differences are large in terms of credit conditions, terms and the amount of the loan. In particular, however, it is the additional costs that distinguish a reputable provider from a fraudster. These include:

  • Brokerage commissions before closing
  • Calculated fees for advice and / or possible home visit for credit processing
  • the effective interest rate is given per month
  • alleged waiver of salary or collateral
  • Advance payments by the borrower (agency commission, processing fees)

Especially at the last point, the borrowers should be listening. No reputable bank or serious credit intermediary requires pre-payments from its customers . All fees, borrowing costs and expected total credit should be based on the total loan amount and be traceable to each borrower.

Another important feature for a fraudulent provider is the indication of the monthly effective interest rate. As a rule, this is stated as “pa” (per annum), thus as an effective interest rate per year.

Example: An interest rate of 3 percent, which is given per month, would represent a particularly favorable offer. However, considering that the effective tin rate is for one year, the percentage would suddenly rise to 36 percent, which of course can not be described as reputable and certainly not cheap.

Nonetheless, there are some clues that make it possible to find a reputable credit provider with favorable terms for a loan without private credit.

Choice of realistic term and loan amount

Anyone looking for a loan despite negative private credit, should not opt ​​for the first best offer . Loan seekers can always find a large selection of lending banks and direct brokers in the relevant comparison portals. With the help of a loan calculator, the loan seekers can enter here the desired loan amount and the term of the loan and learn immediately, how high the monthly burden will be.

The advantage:
Consumers can “play” with various variables such as the term and thus filter out the best providers with the most favorable conditions for their own financial situation. Another important point is the possibility of a free special repayment.

Thus, the loan can be terminated early if desired , without the borrower incurring additional costs in the form of prepayment penalty by the bank.

The application for a loan without private credit can also be made online immediately . As a rule, the applicants receive the credit decision within a few minutes. If the outcome is positive, the money will be credited to the borrower’s account within 24 hours.

With a loan amount of 5,000 euros and an interest rate of six percent and a term of 12 months, the monthly charge is 440 euros. If the term is extended to 36 months, the monthly repayment installment is reduced to 164 euros.

Note: Longer term also means higher annual interest rate . This means that the total credit costs increase in proportion to the repayment term. In contrast, of course, is the low monthly burden of the borrower for longer maturities. For this reason, both the loan amount and the term should be realistically adapted to their own financial situation.

Completeness of documents and collateral favor positive credit decision

Completeness of documents and collateral favor positive credit decision

Although the credit providers waive the private credit information as proof of credit, the protection of the loan amount by other measures, such as the proof of salary, comes first. Collateral such as:

  • Pledging of securities and equity securities
  • Pledging of savings
  • Abortion of life insurance
  • guarantee

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