Loan immediately on the account

Loan immediately on the account

Instant loan over the internet

The circumstances for taking out a loan can have different causes. Be it to balance the account, a planned holiday with family and children, the purchase of a new vehicle or for home renovation. Almost every third person takes out a loan for financing. The cost of living becomes more expensive and the salary is simply no longer enough for larger purchases.


The last resort for many is a loan. But who is the best provider and how does a loan actually work? For many, only one thing is important in this extremely spicy emergency situation – it has to be quick. Therefore, many also accept very high interest and processing fees. Many banks advertise on the Internet with a so-called instant loan. The money is, so to speak, immediately on the account.

The borrowing:

 The borrowing:

Times have changed significantly in recent years. Many businesses are now handled directly over the Internet, including taking out a loan. According to some studies, most loans are made directly through the internet. A significant advantage is that the entire process is of course faster. But how exactly does the loan application actually work? When searching for an instant loan on the Internet, interested parties receive many offers from a wide range of providers.

As a rule, the process is the same for all providers. The borrower can choose the loan amount and often determine the term itself. It is immediately apparent how high the monthly installments are for the loan and how long the credit is. So the customer can assemble a loan “individually” according to his own wishes and needs.

It then still some personal information must be made and the application form to be sent. When entering, interested parties see whether the loan is granted or not. A system in the background checks the information in advance and determines whether the borrower meets the criteria and a not yet effective acceptance or rejection is pronounced. However, as with the banks, some documents must also be submitted for credit transactions on the Internet.

An advantage here is, of course, that also this transmission can be done electronically and thereby the expiration of the exam is accelerated. The last pay slips (checking a regular income), account statements, ID card and possibly also registration forms are necessary. The credit institutions do not check the expenditure, it is simply checked whether there are differences to the information and whether the monthly installments are also affordable.

Instant Payout:

Experience has shown that the check by the lender takes no longer than one business day and the applicant receives a written (e-mail, letter) or telephone response. We agree to the loan application, then the transfer of money takes place the same day. The money is thus immediately in the account. Often, the institutes charge a very high processing fee for the immediate transfer, which borrowers, however, are happy to accept. An indication of what the money is needed, is usually not necessary. Only with the acquisition of a new vehicle, there are special loans and offers.

On the Internet, it is also relatively easy to compare the banks with each other. Differences in terms or interest rates are not uncommon and a settlement offer should also be obtained before the contract is signed. Important in a loan is that no hidden costs are included in the contract (the loan agreement should be transparent), a premature and free repayment of the loan should also be possible and so that no monthly Ragen be forgotten, a debit or collection order should be established become.

For a forgotten rate, the banks charge high arrears and dunning fees. In this day and age, it is relatively easy to apply for a loan and it is absolutely possible to pay out the loan amount within one to two business days.

Keep track

Anyone who wants to bridge a short-term or long-term financial shortage for whom a loan is a very good option. But also for the fulfillment of various wishes such as a new or used car, an expensive household appliance or the desire for a long-awaited holiday trip may be grounds for taking a loan.

Loans are available in a variety of forms. Individual lenders have tailored their loan offers for a wide variety of uses and life situations. Many potential borrowers are under time pressure and can not wait long for a loan. You need the money immediately, as reminders stack up in the mailbox, an expensive home appliance must be replaced immediately or the desired dream car must be bought quickly. For this, the loan is immediately on the account.

Credit immediately on the account – is that possible?

 Credit immediately on the account - is that possible?

The credit immediately on account is colloquially referred to as instant loan. This is a classic installment loan. In most cases, it is given without a fixed purpose. Thus, the credit can be used immediately on the account for the fulfillment of very private wishes. The allocation of the credit immediately to the account is usually done by direct banks. They promise fast loan processing and loan payment. For this reason, borrowers can quickly get the loan requested and meet their needs quickly.

Depending on the bank, the loan can be immediately transferred to the account on the same day as the application. As a rule, however, you have to expect 2 to 3 working days for the award.

Amount of credit

 Amount of credit

Depending on the offer of the lenders, the amount of the loan, which can be disbursed immediately, is usually between 500 and 50,000 euros. They differ in terms of their term and their interest rates. As a rule, the loan is repaid in monthly installments with a term of between 12 and 120 monthly installments. For many lenders special repayment installments, early redemption or installment payments are possible. When applying for a loan, you can already specify your wishes regarding the duration and the amount of the loan.

loan application

The procedure for applying for a loan is generally the same for all providers. First, the loan amount and the term are chosen. From these conditions, the monthly installments are usually immediately apparent. Because of this, the potential borrower can assemble the loan with immediate payment according to their own wishes and needs.

Of course, for the application for the loan still some personal information necessary, which must be sent together with the application form to the bank. Already when entering the potential borrower can see whether the desired credit is granted or not, because a system in the background checks already in the information whether the criteria for the award of the credit or not.

instant payout

 instant payout

The borrower’s review usually takes no longer than just a business day. Mostly, the applicant will receive a written confirmation from the bank after 24 hours in writing, by e-mail, letter or phone. If the loan application is approved, the money can be transferred on the same day.

If you wish to receive a payment on the same day, you must have sent all relevant documents for the loan to the bank by 12 noon. This in turn has to process the documents on the same day. For an immediate payment of the loan amount, the chosen bank must also offer the possibility of lightning transfer. Only then can the payment be made on the same day as well as the booking on your own account.

Advantages of the money receipt immediately on account

The loan with immediate transfer shows special advantages for many people and is therefore used more and more often. This includes the application directly via the Internet, because the customer can save not only time but also ways to do so. In addition, the application is possible at any time and 7 days a week.

Contrary to most loans, which are offered by the local bank, the instant loan is also characterized by lower interest rates. This is possible because the direct banks on the Internet do without the maintenance of expensive branches and the necessary staff. As a result, savings of a few percentage points are usually possible.

Disadvantages of this form of credit

If you choose a loan with immediate transfer to the account then there can be some disadvantages. These lie in the fact that the loan application must be completed without the help of a professional employee. For people without the necessary experience, this can be very tedious. However, loan applications are very clear in most cases.

The loan with Sofortüberweisung can also be approved by most banks not immediately to 100 percent. Even though the borrower receives a credit extension or cancellation within minutes of filing the loan application, it is usually not final. Only after all relevant documents have been submitted can the final decision on the award of the loan be made.

What is to be considered?

For immediate credit, attention should first be paid to the APR. With this type of loan, the APR is often slightly higher than a traditional installment loan. The reason for this is the simplified credit check, which makes the fast payout possible and represents a higher default risk for the bank. In addition, special attention should be paid to the duration.

A shorter term means a shorter financial burden. A longer term reduces the monthly burden but, due to the longer time of repayment, leads to higher costs.

Lower borrowing costs

The credit cost of the loan, which is transferred directly to the account, can be lowered by some means. The loan offer can be cheaper if not only one borrower is in the application but two borrowers such as the partner, another family member or a friend. As a result, the bank has more collateral at its disposal and can also increase the likelihood of lending.

Additional collateral also reduces the Bank’s default risk and can have a positive effect on the interest rate.

The agreement on special repayments for the loan with immediate payment can significantly reduce the financial burden. Those who can count on higher revenues during the term should pay attention to the possibility of special repayments. In this way, the remaining installments and thus the loan amount can be reduced overall.

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