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Renegotiate or get a mortgage for debt consolidation

Is it possible to renegotiate a mortgage or a personal loan with a bank and / or a financial institution?

Consolidation of the debts

Consolidation of the debts

There are several reasons for doing so: the loss of a job, the incapacity to produce income or the need for immediate liquid are some of the reasons that can lead to the presentation of the request to renegotiate loan installments.

In addition to reducing the amount of the loan installment, it is possible to request the consolidation of the debts in a single installment. Let’s see how and when to request it.

Renegotiate a loan: how and when

Renegotiate a loan: how and when

A sudden reduction in monthly income, the need to carry out a project, or the purchase of a property despite a loan is already underway, are some of the most recurring causes that can convince a consumer to request the renegotiation or granting of a debt consolidation loan . The current legislation presents an ad hoc regulation only for the assignment of one fifth of the salary and for purchase mortgages, while for all other credit products the regulation leads to a free interpretation by the creditors.

The first step to follow is to contact us in order to expose the will to act and find together the best possible solution.

consolidation of the debts

The objective of the consolidation is to check together all the financial commitments generated by a debt situation, which generate more monthly commitments, in a single installment for an amount lower than the sum . In this way, on the monthly, personal and family budget, the amount of outgoings linked to the payment of debts is reduced.

In all situations where renegotiation is necessary or you want to proceed with the granting of a loan for debt consolidation , contact Henry Higgins consultants to seize the best opportunities and take advantage of the best credit conditions.