When a work or construction is carried out, it is very important to guarantee that there will be no faults or damage once it is delivered, this can be done through a bail of hidden defects , also known as a good quality bond .

The bail of hidden defects belongs to the category of administrative bonds


Which are responsible for ensuring compliance with different types of contract , which in most cases include legal and economic obligations, derived from orders, contracts or purchase orders.

In case of any damage to the work and as long as it is within the term of the policy, it may be valid the hidden defects bond to compensate the damage and make the corresponding repairs.

What are the benefits of filing a bail of hidden defects?

What are the benefits of filing a bail of hidden defects?

During the construction of a work, it is important to ask the suppliers for a hidden defects bond , which together with the compliance and advance payment guarantee that the contract in question is carried out in a timely manner. In this way, the beneficiary will be fully protected against any failure or failure, ensuring your investment.

For construction or construction contracts, in most cases the hidden defects bond will be issued for one year, from the date on which the work is delivered. In the case of supply services, this type of bond will normally be valid for 18 months, from the day the order is delivered.

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